I've been cooking since I was 11 years old. I guess it was out of survival for the family.
When you come from a lineage that ate everything from cow foot, liver, pig, tripe and goat to a slew of vegetables that are not in the United States today, you quickly learn your way around the kitchen.

It's funny how mom made us grow up quasi-vegetarian!

We were allowed to eat chicken and fish only. But don’t fall asleep just because my household did not consume all of the above animals. It doesn't mean I didn't have to learn how meat had to be prepared for our family events. Actually, all food had to be prepared in a certain way and it was all done from scratch.

Animals were killed in particular way and with that said and done...my cooking began. 


In 2001, I discovered The Natural Gourmet and my passion for healthy cuisines reached a new level.
Fresh, natural, authentic and lots of flavor was always the motto for food preparation growing up
and those principles hold true today. 

My emphasis is international cuisine (i.e. Mediterranean, American Comfort, Thai, Caribbean, Italian, Asian and macrobiotic) - with focus on delicious, flavorful and fresh ingredients.
I‘ve worked in various natural and high-end establishments throughout New York. I was fortunate to work with top-notch, New York chefs who also believed in the preservation of sustainable, agriculture
and the benefits of organic food.

You Choose I Cook was created for busy individuals and parents who want their children
and loved ones to have the best food although they cannot prepare these meals, guilt-free.
We also cater to those with special diets and new mothers.

You Choose I Cook is passionate about preparing delicious and scrumptious meals. Thus, tender loving care is always given to the selection process of what is purchased for you. After all “you are what you eat”. My current clients desire beautiful, healthy, preservative-free entrées and I love creating these meals.

So, here I am bringing you food just the way grandma would do it…sassy...and with a twist!